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Jana and Blackie (a poem written by Jana Ball)

I was riding one morning gathering cattle off the permit.

When I ducked a darn oak tree, a mighty branch I did hit.
Now, under most circumstances I look where I’m goin.
Only this time it was important to not lose the cattle, there was fire a glowin.

My gelding was awesome; he stopped on the hill.
I fully expected, as fresh as he was, to act like a pill.
He was standing like his hooves were in concrete.
And that was real sweet.
But that’s when I realized, OH NO, MY FEET!!
Nothing was moving below my waist.

But I never felt fear, not even a taste.
I hollered for partner Walt, and friend Greta too.
They came trotting over, but what should we do?
As things came to us, and I lay on the ground,
Everything was so peaceful, not even a sound. 

Now I can fast forward to hospitals and talk
Of me being in denial that I thought I would walk.
God gave me strength to do what was right,
An incredible husband, and sons, who helped me practice crawling, night after night.
Soon I was up in a walker you see,
I wasn’t in denial. God had a plan for me.
I prayed and I worked at willing my leg.
Move forward I would think, move forward I would beg.
Well, God was listening to my prayers and so many others.
As I improved and felt stronger, thank you, sisters and brothers!

I knew of HAPPY TRAILS along with their incredible staff and horses.
So I signed up with Lisa for some life changing courses.
The day finally came to ride a horse I hadn’t known.
As my leg swung over and I touched his back, I thought, I’M HOME!!
It didn’t take long before Blackie and I were a pair.
He was always so patient, so kind, he truly did care.
With the help of Lisa to plan out the days,
She and Blackie were so wonderful, and deserve so much praise.
So if anyone wonders if I would ever go back
To the person I was before I met the horse who was BLACK!

I have seen something special, heard so many tales,

And know the best people and horses at a place called HAPPY TRAILS!!